VNA in operation

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) for warehouses

The Thorough Examination of a VNA fork lift – Very Narrow Aisle, requires a fully trained specialist.


Many Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) forklift trucks require assembly following delivery to site, once assembled they then need to be installed into the working area. Our Engineers conduct installation inpsections on behalf of manufacturers prior to handover to the customer, checking and testing that the equipment reacts to the parameters set and the truck behaves as expected. Normally, only the manufacturers conduct these types of inspections however, our Engineers have been deemed by the manufacturers to have the competency to conduct these highly specialised installation inspections.

Our engineers are fully trained in VNA inspection, have licences to drive the equipment including abseil descent.

It can take up to 2hrs to fully inspect the equipment, which includes driving it in all the aisles it will be working in, to check steer guidance systems & end of aisle slowdown, speed reduction or automatic stop and that all controls and safety systems are functioning correctly. There are many things that can go wrong with a VNA, many of which even the driver would not realise due to the amount of automated safety systems integral to the trucks design. Our Engineers can detect these faults, faults which if not detected early on can mean the equipment being taken out of service with the resulting increase in costs and down time.

The VNAs are set up when they are installed for specific aisle & site requirements, these settings can and often do, alter during the trucks working life and may need adjustment before rendering the truck undriveable.

Simply having someone visually inspect without the competency to do so, or not driving and testing the equipment correctly can leave hidden faults. Faults which may damage the equipment and could leave you liable to court proceedings in the event of an incident causing injury or any occurrence reportable under RIDDOR.